Is Fear Keeping You Out of the Spotlight?

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These helpful hints will help you master your fear of public speaking.

Recently, I was asked to be a panelist for a webinar about using the power of publicity to achieve your goals. The participants asked great questions, including, “How do you step into the spotlight when you don’t like the spotlight?”

I had no desire to seek the spotlight, and even had trepidation about it, but eventually I realized I had to for the sake of my business. First, I had to figure out why I was so uncomfortable with the idea of being in the spotlight The answer for me was simple: The thought of public speaking terrified me. I’d seen wonderful speakers, including my own brother, who could captivate huge audiences and have them hanging on every word. I knew I didn’t have that kind of talent, so why bother even trying?

Because, as I came to realize, I had to. I needed to do it in order to grow my business and, on a deeper level, I needed to do it for me My fear was holding me back. I talked to my brother about the problem. “It comes naturally to you and the other great speakers I’ve seen,” I told him. “But it doesn’t come naturally to me!”

His response surprised me. “No, it doesn’t all come naturally,” he said. “I had to work at it.” For years, he spoke to small audiences at seminars, which proved an ideal training ground. He critiqued himself and got feedback from others so that he could constantly polish his delivery. So, the first tip is to start small and give yourself time to get used to the spotlight.

Here are a few more tips to help you master the art of public speaking:

  • Know your material. You won’t feel comfortable speaking if you don’t thoroughly know your material. How do actors and Olympic athletes make their feats look so easy? They practice. That doesn’t mean memorizing a speech, which can lack enthusiasm and leaves little room for spontaneity. Know your key talking points, the anecdotes or other means you’ll use to illustrate them, and how you will smoothly segue from one point to the next.
  • Energize. Positive energy is contagious. If you’re upbeat, excited and passionate about your message, chances are that your audience will be, too. And you’ll be surprised at the positive cycle that creates. An enthusiastic audience can pump up your energy even more. Use hand gestures to illustrate points and, when appropriate, smile, smile and smile.
  • Make eye contact. Find friendly, receptive faces in the audience and speak to them. Making eye contact with individuals helps prevent you from staring off into the distance or reading from notes. It also helps you feel as if you’re engaging in a conversation rather than speaking to a group. I’ve found that visually touching base with engaged audience members gives me little shots of confidence that help propel me through my presentation.
  • Look your best. When you look great, you feel great, and that makes you stand taller and exude confidence. Speaking engagements aren’t the best place to break in a new outfit (who knows what wardrobe malfunctions might surprise you?) Instead, wear clothing and shoes that you feel good in and that are appropriate for the setting. You can’t go wrong with business formal. Simple is fine, but you should look crisp and polished from head to toe.

A fear of the spotlight shouldn’t prevent you from getting the visibility and credibility that can build your brand and your business. Remember that you’re not alone. The fear of public speaking is said to be one of the top 10 fears worldwide.

If I can overcome it, so can you.


By Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman is a 23-year veteran of the public relations industry. She is the CEO of EMSI Public Relations (, a national firm that provides PR strategy and publicity services to businesses, professional firms, entertainers and authors. Frideman is the author of Celebritize Yourself. Follow her on Twitter: @marshafriedman.


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Insure Your Love – Download Campaign Materials Now

January 22nd, 2014, Comments Off.

People buy life insurance because they love someone and want to protect them financially. Life insurance is love insurance, which makes February–the month of love–the perfect time to reach out to consumers about their life insurance needs.

The Insure Your Love campaign, coordinated by LIFE, allows you and your producers to use emotion or humor when reaching out to consumers about a topic that is most often approached in a serious or dry way.

Chose from dozens of resources: There’s an Insure Your Love resource to meet every need–print, video and online–making it easy to pull together a great marketing campaign. Download the list of resources here.

Take advantage of social media: Love, humor and emotion all work well on social media, making it the perfect way to reach out to consumers during your campaign. LIFE has prepared a month of prewritten Facebook posts and tweets. This can also be passed on to producers. Download the Social-Media Content Guide here.

Normally, we present our campaign tools in an online format. However, we are in the final stages of redesigning our website and our members-only area. I think you’re really going to like the final product, but until then, thanks for bearing with us!

Matt Derrick
Executive VP of Programs and Marketing
LIFE Foundation


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