NAIFA-Virginia encourages members to share Code of Ethics as sign of dedication

September 26th, 2014, Comments Off.

NAIFA-Virginia President Steven Holt mailed 3″x5″ cards featuring NAIFA’s Code of Ethics to NAIFA members in Virginia. The project was made possible through a generous gift from the late Colin Govan, a past president of NAIFA-Virginia who inspired the updated version of the code.

In his letter, Holt said: “The strength and integrity of our industry are rooted in the ethical treatment of our clients and this is a pivotal reason to be a member of NAIFA. … Our hope is that you will use (the code) in your daily business, revealing to your clients, friends and associates, the dedication that you have as a NAIFA member to helping your clients meet their financial goals.”

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September 8th, 2014, Comments Off.

Greg Gagne told attendees at NAIFA’s Career Conference and Annual Meeting that owners of financial planning businesses need to focus on what they do best and delegate the rest. “If we want to be more successful, we have to pay people to do things we shouldn’t be doing,” he said. The owner should work on the business rather than in the business.

Gagne said he actually borrowed money so that he could begin to build his staff. Now he has a staff of five and each member of staff has area of accountability to support the owner. Emails, calls, teleconferences have replaced some face-to-face meetings with clients. All prep work for prospecting is done by staff – a staff member does fact finding, Gagne does only the initial meeting and the final sit and sale.

“Stop being an advisor who happens to own a planning business and become a business owner who happens to be an advisor,” he said.