NAIFA, NAAIA Partnership Will Strengthen Members’ Access to Professional Education, Political Advocacy

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The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) have formed a partnership to collaborate and work together to strengthen programs that advance member professional development and education, and support political advocacy and engagement. NAIFA and NAAIA will launch the partnership with a NAAIA Membership webinar on Thursday, August 25.

“NAIFA and NAAIA are closely aligned in our commitments to advance the knowledge and professionalism of insurance and financial advisors and position our members as industry leaders in financial services,” said NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux, CAE. “This partnership reflects commitments from both organizations to create opportunities to diversify the workforce and provide networking opportunities for talented advisors in the field. The NAIFA-NAAIA partnership also will help unify our members’ voice on Capitol Hill at a time of unprecedented challenges in the legislative and regulatory environment.”

“NAAIA is excited to partner with NAIFA to enhance our mutual efforts and to better position both organizations for success in the achievement of our goals,” said NAAIA National Executive Director, Margaret N. Redd. “Both NAAIA and NAIFA are committed to bringing career and business enhancing solutions and development opportunities to our members. Working together, effectively, toward the achievement of common goals, we are more aptly prepared to take on challenges and have a greater and more positive impact upon our industry, members and the communities which we serve.”

Opportunities for formal collaboration in the area of professional development and education include:

  • NAAIA-hosted events at the NAIFA Performance+Purpose annual conference, and NAIFA-hosted events at the NAAIA National Conference. (NAAIA National Chair, Quincy Branch, Board Member, Kenneth Branch and NAAIA Executive Director Margaret Redd will present a session on “The Impending Talent Gap” Sept. 18 at the NAIFA conference in Las Vegas.)
  • The production, promotion and distribution of joint NAIFA/NAAIA webinars on industry practices and resources.
  • NAAIA’s collaboration on NAIFA’s LUTCF designation, LILI program, and other NAIFA programming.
  • NAAIA participation in joint programming with NAIFA state and local associations.
  • Co-organized and co-branded NAIFA YAT and NAAIA Emerging Leaders programming that nurtures, mentors and trains advisors.
  • NAAIA and NAIFA also will encourage members to consider membership in the other party’s organization.

Opportunities for collaboration in advocacy and government relations include:

  • NAIFA may represent NAAIA on industry task forces and coalitions that work to advance the parties’ mutual interests on key legislative and regulatory issues.
  • NAIFA may represent NAAIA on Capitol Hill, before regulatory agencies, in state capitals, and with state insurance departments.
  • NAIFA and NAAIA will provide each other with advocacy experts at organizational meetings and conferences, and offer customized government relations webinars and other presentations.
  • NAIFA will work with NAAIA to promote member participation in NAIFA’s annual conferences.
  • NAIFA will provide NAAIA access to NAIFA GovAlerts and other advocacy publications and reports.
  • NAIFA can provide grassroots advocacy training for NAAIA members.
  • NAAIA will encourage its members to participate in NAIFA state association Days at the Capitol.

“NAIFA’s leadership in grassroots, along with our record of promoting positive legislative and regulatory outcomes, benefits our members and the entire industry,” Mayeux said. “As advocacy partners, NAIFA and NAAIA will work together to form an even stronger voice that ensures lawmakers understand and make informed decisions about the insurance and financial services industry.”

NAIFA Members Respond to Louisiana Flooding

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NAIFA members in Louisiana are impacted both directly and indirectly by ongoing flooding in the state. The flooding, which began a week ago, is likely to result in excess of a billion dollars in damage and has so far claimed at least 13 lives. The federal government has declared 12 parishes to be disaster areas, and thousands of people have lost nearly everything they own. A Red Cross spokesperson called the flooding the worst U.S. disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Many NAIFA members have begun helping their clients assess the damage and begin the recovery process.

While New Orleans was spared from flooding this time, Constance Buisson, association executive for NAIFA-Greater New Orleans, said in an email to NAIFA-National, “We all have family, friends and clients that have just lost everything and it happened so quickly.  It’s just so sad.  I know many of our members are spending much time reaching out to their clients impacted.  Please keep them all in your prayers.”

NAIFA is a member of the National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) and is helping the Federal Emergency Management Administration gather situational awareness information on the disaster.

For those able to help, the state of Louisiana has a web site where individuals and businesses can volunteer for flood-recovery efforts or donate to disaster-relief organizations.

Additionally, NAIFA-Greater New Orleans is collecting supplies for those affected. Details are available on the NAIFA-GNO web site.

The NAIFA-Louisiana Facebook page is another resource for information and relief efforts.