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Survey Finds Americans Consider Work a Major Aspect of Well-Being

May 28th, 2014, Comments Off on Survey Finds Americans Consider Work a Major Aspect of Well-Being.
Consumers would go to great lengths to get back to work as soon as possible rather than let an injury or illness hold them back.

How often do you hear friends, family and colleagues complain about how much they hate their job? Chances are it’s quite often, so it may shock you to learn that a new WellPoint survey finds a majority of Americans consider their job to be a high priority (79 percent) and many also would feel lost if they were unable to go to work every day (55 percent).

The survey, conducted to commemorate May as Disability Insurance Awareness Month, finds that consumers consider their work a major aspect of their overall well-being (84 percent). In fact, many Americans would give up every day indulgences such as checking Facebook (71 percent), eating sweets (65 percent), or even drinking their morning cup of coffee (59 percent) if it meant landing their dream job.

A fair amount of attention has been paid in the past few years to the concept of well-being, popularized by bestselling authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter. In their book Wellbeing, they highlight the importance of job satisfaction, saying, “People with high career well-being are more than twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall. If your career well-being is low, it’s easy to see how it can cause deterioration in other areas over time.”

Underscoring the importance of our careers to our overall well-being, the majority of consumers surveyed agreed that work-related accolades, such as getting promoted at work (81 percent) or receiving recognition from a boss or colleague (78 percent), provide a boost of self-confidence.

To further explore how our identities are closely tied to career well-being, The Economic Journal published a study in 2008 that revealed losing one’s job might be the only major life event from which people do not fully recover from within five years.[i]

The survey finds that consumers would go to great lengths to get back to work as soon as possible rather than let an injury or illness hold them back.  In order to get back to their job, 89 percent of respondents would seek the help of specialists to get the right care. Three quarters of consumers say they would make arrangements to work from home (75 percent) or find ways to stay connected at work (75 percent) if faced with an injury or illness.

To learn about WellPoint’s Disability benefits, visit

Clark, A.E., Diener, E., Georgellis, Y., & Lucas, R.E. (2008). Lags and leads in life satisfaction: A test of the baseline hypothesis. The Economic Journal, 118(529), F222-F243.

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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

May 1st, 2014, Comments Off on May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, the month-long campaign spearheaded by Life Happens to promote the benefits of disability income insurance among consumers. The DIAM campaign is the perfect platform you need to talk to your clients and prospects about this important coverage.

This conversation doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start by showing your prospect or client a realLIFEstory video ( These videos illustrate how real families and businesses benefited from insurance, including DI, in their time of need.

The story of Bill Reid is a good example. DI insurance gave this young, single man a bright future when a terrible car accident left him unable to work again. You can see and share Bill’s story at

Seeing DI insurance in action motivates people to consider purchasing DI insurance. In fact, an independent online survey found that people were 94 percent more likely to consider buying DI insurance after being exposed to a realLIFEstory video like Bill’s than those who were not.

Bill’s realLIFEstory video is just one of many DI insurance marketing tools and resources that Life Happens has for you to use during the DIAM campaign—and beyond.

Other videos include:

  • Print and electronic DI marketing pieces
  • A range of short DI videos, from serious to humorous
  • Prewritten DI social-media content
  • Info-statistics and “Life Hints” that focus on DI
  • Newly redesigned Disability Insurance Needs Calculator

Your NAIFA membership gives you exclusive access to these resources. Go to and start improving your DI insurance sales today.

More resources in Advisor Today

As you promote your DI products and services, you might also find useful the following articles featured in the May/June 2014 issue of Advisor Today:

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